Christian Louboutin Launches a Nail Polish for $50 a Bottle

The famous footwear designer launches nail polish.

Shoe designer, Christian Louboutin, announced earlier this week that he is releasing an eponymous nail polish line. While nail varnish isn't exactly foreign territory for the designer—after all, it was only after he took some red nail polish from his assistant and painted the sole of a shoe red that a legend was born—beauty junkies are going to have to shell out $50 per bottle. The full collection will launch on August 31 and include 30 shades across three categories: pops, nudes, and noirs. But if you absolutely can't wait the four weeks to get your hands on a bottle, you can get his signature Rouge Louboutin right now at While $50 feels like a lot to spend on a polish, rest assured, the bottle is as exquisite as his footwear.

christian louboutin nail polish

(Image credit: Courtesy of Company)