How to Get Nicola Peltz's Beauty Look from Our Fresh Faces Party

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Nicola Peltz is's exclusive May cover star, and her hair and makeup at Marie Claire's Fresh Faces event can only be described as, well, *stunning.* The star's glam squad (AKA hairstylist Derek Yuen and Chanel celebrity makeup artist Kara Yoshimoto Bua) gave us the tips on how to cop her look, so grab your mascara and get your head in the beauty game.

1. Prep Your Hair Like You've Never Prepped Before

Nothing beats a blowout, but Yuen wanted Nicola's waves to have a little more "grit and edge" to them, meaning texture was key. To get her mane ready, Yuen used Bumble and bumble Full Form Mousse on the the roots, and Bumble and bumble Prep Spray and Thickening Spray on the ends. "I rough dried the roots with my hands to create texture and used a round brush to smooth the ends and give a slight bend in the hair," he tells us.

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(Image credit: Justin Campbell)

2. Add a Little Definition

Yuen added a few extra notches of definition to Nicola's waves by hitting them with a GHD Curve Iron while spraying Bumble and bumble Dryspun to create even more texture. Of course, Yuen was also inspired by Nicola's black leather jacket from Coach. "Once her outfit was on, we decided to twist and pin back one side to create a little edge for the whole look," he says.

3. Prep the Skin for Maximum Freshness

Speaking of edge, let's talk makeup. Kara Bua wanted Nicola to have a modern look, which meant starting with fresher-than-fresh skin (appropriate, given the party's theme). Bua prepped Nicola's face with rose water and La Solution 10 de Chanel before applying Chanel Aqualumiere foundation b20 and Chanel Highlighter Face Pen 10 to balance her skin tone. For a little more warmth and depth, Bua contoured Nicola's face with Chanel Les Beiges b30 and used a hint of Chanel Powder Blush 180 Caresse. Voila. 

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(Image credit: Justin Campbell)

4. Smokey Eye Game = Strong

Bua gave Nicola "natural, fuller brows" for the event, which were lightly filled in using a Chanel Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil Brun Naturel. The low-key look was contrasted with a diffused, smokey eye. 

"To create soft drama around the eyes I used Vert Grise 197 Chanel Fresh Effect Eyeshadow to find the slightly almond shape to smoke up her eye, and then applied Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow 43 Mystere using the deeper charcoal colors to sculpt and contour her lash line and extend her eyes," Bua says. "Then I used the medium taupe on the inner half of her upper and lower lids to blend and soften the look." 

A few swipes of new Dimensions de Chanel Mascara later and Nicola was ready for action. Well, almost (let's not forget lips).

<p>Glam squads are great, but sometimes a girl has to take charge of her own lip liner. Here's Nicola adding the finishing touches to her look before she heads out the door and hits the red carpet.</p>

(Image credit: Justin Campbell)

5. Seal it with a Kiss

Bua completed Nicola's beauty look by applying Beige Satin Chanel Precision Lip Definer to her pout, plus a dash of Hydra Beauty Nourishing Lip Care for max moisture and that extra fresh feel. The rest, as they say, is red carpet history.

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(Image credit: Justin Campbell)

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