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These New Peeling Pads Will Give You the Best-Looking/Smelling Armpits of Your Life

Oh hey, summer.


The K-beauty world has a way of clueing us in to things we never knew we needed. The latest instance? Underarm perfume peeling pads. I discovered the chemical-peel-for-your-pit offering on Korean e-tailer Althea and have since become fascinated.The kitschy kit comes with perfumed peeling pads that deodorize, moisturize, and remove dirt/sweat/flakes, while a brightening cream lightens up any discoloration.

With the excess skin, ingrown hairs, and whatnot, I've always thought of the underarm area as not inherently attractive in a fact-of-life-kind of way—why obsess over it? In fact, as women from Sophia Loren to Miley Cyrus have taught us, not giving a f**k when it comes to your pits is cool and liberating.

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Angel Factory Under-arm Perfume Peeling Pads 腋下美白香水棉 [1盒5包,每包有2片香水棉及美白cream 4ml] 📢📢最後4盒📢📢 ✨HK$138/盒✨ 📮包郵📮 因著背心而成日都要做腋下脫毛,但經常脫毛,加上用止汗劑後無完全清洗乾淨,或者脫毛用具唔乾淨,都會令到毛孔粗大,增加黑色素形成,亦令腋下容易產生異味…腋下毛孔大、黑媽媽、又有黑色點點… 攪到平日搭車渣扶手,食飯叫侍應都唔敢舉手呀…俾人見到腋下黑媽媽就醜怪啦… 所以除咗要做腋下脫毛之外,腋下護理都好緊要架~~ 去角質、做美白係必不可少嘅! 呢隻腋下美白香水棉用法簡單方便,用後感覺清爽,皮膚即時見到白咗,仲光滑咗~~ 功效: 💜收細毛孔 💜去黑色素 💜去角質 💜美白 💜改善皺紋 💜緩解汗臭異味 使用方法: 1. 先用香水棉網面(黃色)去死皮角質廢物擦拭腋下,再用香水棉另一邊(白色)擦拭幫助保濕 2. 待精華完全吸收後,再均勻塗上美白cream 輕輕按摩即可。 成份天然,含葵花籽油、白芒花籽油、橄欖油、金縷梅、香蜂草等多種天然提取物,適合任何皮膚使用架~~ 唔止可以用喺腋下,仲可以用喺身體其他部位例如膝頭、腳背架! **建議:頭2次隔3日做1次,其後5-6日做1次 **注意** 請避免使用在有傷口或皮膚炎的位置上。 歡迎查詢/選購 Whatsapp 65884330 LINE bellezashop123 #angelfactory #peeling #perfume #pads #脫毛 #腋下 #身體 #黑點 #收細毛孔 #去黑色素 #去角質 #美白 #改善皺紋#汗臭異味 #hkonlineshop #hkigshop #hkiger #hkonlinestore #hkbeautystore #hkonlineseller #hongkongonlineshop #hongkongshop #hongkongonlinestore #hongkongbeauty #hkbeautycare #香港網店

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But still, I'm not too proud to admit that I get slightly envious when J.Lo lifts her arms and reveals virtually flawless—even glowy you might say—armpits. So if it is smooth, even-toned, poreless, and sweet-smelling underarms you crave this summer, then what's the harm? After all, the baby-powder-scented formula does have the powerful, yet just-gentle-enough active ingredients to back up its claims. 

For one, it's got fruit-derived AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids)—said to be beloved by Cleopatra—that act as natural exfoliants, as well as BHAs (Beta Hydroxy Acids), which removes sebum and cleans out pores. Plus, it contains niacinamide, which has a great reputation for treating uneven skin, as well as healing marks left behind by blemishes, irritation, or, you know, dry-shave razor nicks. (Not that we do that or anything. Ahem.)

Angel Factory Under-Arm Perfume Peeling Pads, $18; amazon.com.

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