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The Best Serums if You Want to Wake Up Looking like a Dewy, Plump, Shiny Alien

All greased up and nowhere but the mothership to go.

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For all the intolerance in politics these days, we are lucky to live in a beauty world that has become much more accepting of shine. Because a healthy sheen = youth = can cover a multitude of sins. Get a leg up on the rest of the population (you know—when an advanced alien civilization brings the fight to us) with 10 ultra-potent serums.

La Roche-Posay

The SPF would make you think it's for daytime (which it is), but why not start brightening and protecting while you sleep? Then re-upping when you wake? We might be lazy, but we're really good at it. 

$42.50, dermstore.com.

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TWENTY plant extracts! For keeping you young-looking forever even though you've been having a midlife crisis since age 14. 

$119, shop.nordstrom.com.

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Great name, even greater at filling in fine lines and evening skin tone. 

$65, farmacybeauty.com.

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Our very own beauty editor Lauren Valenti swears by the ginger root, sunflower, and tamanu blend, which promises (and delivers on) erasing signs of skin fatigue. 

$72, kiehls.com.

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The Organic Pharmacy

Pretty much the only thing you need to know: People call this "instant facelift oil." SOLD. 

$160, barneys.com.

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Pestle & Mortar

Just think about it: What *would* happen if you put a bunch of the top moisturizing ingredients out there on your face? Miracles, that's what. 

$69, pestleandmortar.com.

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With Babe Ruth-like stats—100 percent saw firmer, tighter skin! 100 percent saw improved skin texture!—this highly concentrated, patented formula really hits it out of the park. ::boos and hisses at self:: 

$74, sephora.com.

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Ah, the magic of stem cells (not human, don't you worry). We called the moisturizer life-changing, and the serum ain't shabby either—volume, hydration, and a more even texture are all about to come your way. 

$189, stemologyskincare.com.

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The brand's campaign images are proof enough, but some #facts: Has a watery texture for ready absorption and loads of vitamin C for brightening, achieving a "light-reflective" complexion. 

$28, glossier.com.

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Root Science

Midnight 2 a.m. because you were on Insta: haggard. 7 a.m.: Gisele a few days after a facial with Isabella Bellis. It's that good. (SN: I like the one for mature skins too, though it could be too much if your complexion skews more oily/combo.) 

$120, shoprootscience.com.

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