25 Spring Nail Art Ideas That'll Make Your Friends Say "OOH, Your Nails!"​

There's officially no need to be boring this season.

25 Spring Nail Art Ideas That'll Make Your Friends Say "OOH, Your Nails!"​
(Image credit: Instagram)

I'm going to go ahead and guess that your nail situation this winter has been been bleak—scraggly cuticles, monotone polishes in shades of burgundy and navy, and chips galore.

But the gloves are coming off (literally; spring is here, folks), and the race for the prettiest, most Instagrammable nail art is on. And thankfully, there are more cool nail designs to try this season than there are Kardashian-Jenner-Disick-West-Websters. Check them out below, then proceed to your nearest nail salon ASAP.

1. This Banded, Negative-Space Mani

2. These Gold Foiled Nails

3. These Fruity Cuticle Designs

4. This Reverse-Moon Mani

5. These Watercolor Geode Nails

6. These Minimalist Dotted Design

7. These Black-and-White Cuticles

8. This Jeweled and Studded Mani

9. These Sketched Roses 

10. These Mint-Green Negative Nails

11. These Cut-Paper Nails

12. This White Grid Design

13. This Color-Stacked French Manicure

14. These Gilded Dry-Brush Nails

15. These Pink Glass Nails

16. This Wired Heart Mani

17. These Geometric, Barragán-Inspired Nails

18. These Pink Marble Nails

19. This Ports 1961 Striped Mani

20. These Bloom Accent Nails

21. This Color-Blocking Design

22. These Pastel Graffiti Nails

23. This Dotted-Tip Manicure

24. These Cobalt French Tips

25. These Double-Lined Nails