Spend Valentine's Day the Right Way: Sobbing to Adele's Live Performance

You're not invited, Cupid.

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Valentine's Day is many things, but aside from being an excuse to binge-eat mass amounts of chocolate, it's an opportunity to spend quality time with your significant other. And by "significant other," we mean Adele.

The chanteuse is gifting the world with a live performance (opens in new tab) on the most romantic day of the year, which is a great opportunity for people without plans to do something other than weep silently into a plate of pizza bagel bites (guilty).

The event, hosted by Graham Norton, airs Sunday, February 14 at 10 pm. Please remember to buy the appropriate amount of tissues to get you through hits from 25, because that's primarily what Adele will be performing. 

Also of note, the special is called "Adele: Live in London," which we assume is code for "Adele: Live from the Boulevard of Your Broken Dreams." 

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Mehera Bonner
Mehera Bonner

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