Travis Kelce Dishes on His Recent Trip to Australia to Spend Time With Taylor Swift

“This is all because Taylor is the biggest and the best thing possible.”

Travis Kelce Dishes on His Recent Trip to Australia to Spend Time With Taylor Swift
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Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is giving fans some behind-the-scenes details of his recent trip to Australia to spend time with his girlfriend, pop superstar Taylor Swift.

“A lot of false media being tossed out there. But I’ll tell you what wasn’t false, and it was when I landed in Australia and seen all the cameras," the 3-time Super Bowl champ said during Wednesday's episode of his podcast New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce.

Kelce went on to add that while the famous couple enjoyed a private tour of the Sydney Zoo there "were full-on helicopters just flying around."

"They helicoptered us! Well, not us, Taylor," Kelce added. "This is all because Taylor is the biggest and the best thing possible."

The future hall of famer went on to say that despite the overwhelming media presence, he enjoyed his time at the zoo.

"But I tell you what though the kangaroos were pretty sweet, got to see a red panda up close and personal. It’s like a friendly raccoon," he continued.

"Saw a tiger sitting up in a tree house, that s*** was f****** sweet, ain’t gonna lie," Kelce added. "Saw a lion close up ... It was fun. That was a fun one and then we got to enjoy the Taylor Swift show."

Kelce—who started publicly dating Swift in August, 2023—said that Australia "did not disappoint," before adding that he only had time to visit Sydney, Australia.

"Sydney was a beautiful city," he told his brother and podcast co-host, Jason Kelce. "The layout was very similar, I want to say to Miami, but it has a lot of intercoastal and it was cool to see the layout of the land over there, let alone the zoo and seeing all the exotic animals over there. It was fun, man.”

Kelce added that he hopes to return to Australia and visit Melbourne.

Last month, Kelce's best friend, Ross Travis, posted some behind-the-scene photos of the pair's trip to Australia, including photos of Travis wearing Swift-inspired friendship bracelets and Kelce waving to the crowd while attending his girlfriend's "Era's Tour" concert.

"Didn’t get to wrestle a Kangaroo, but made 80,000 new friends DOWN UNDER," Travis captioned the post.

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Prior to Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs winning Super Bowl 58, it was reported that Kelce would travel overseas to join Swift on tour during the NFL off-season.

"After the Super Bowl, Travis will be joining Taylor on her tour and traveling with her,” a source with knowledge of the couple's plans told Us Weekly at the time. “They are happy and looking forward to spending more time together.”

Kelce has since returned to the states—he spent some time back in Las Vegas with his teammates, including quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He most recently attended his big brother Jason's announcement retirement—at times wiping away tears as he cried alongside his mom, Donna Kelce—and was spotted at a Cleveland Cavaliers game with his brother.

After Swift's father was in an alleged physical altercation with a photographer in Australia, Kelce is also reportedly anxious for his girlfriend to return to home.

"Travis wishes he had been with Taylor when her dad got into it with the photographer as he wants to protect her at all costs," a source allegedly close to the couple told the Daily Mail. "He can't wait for her to be back in the States so they can be together—and if anyone tries anything, he knows that photographers, or anyone else for that matter, wouldn't dare come close to them if he was around as he is a very massive and intimidating guy."

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