Here's What Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Were Laughing About in Their Wedding Photo

The pair were reportedly "exhausted" when they took this candid snap.

Alexi LubomirskiAP

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are royals, but they aren’t super humans. Like any couple on their wedding day, the pair went through a whirlwind of emotions, which 29 million people (in the U.S. alone) witnessed on TV. It’s expected then that both Meghan and Harry were a little tired after the ceremony and procession through the streets of Windsor.

Though they don't look it in their wedding portraits, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were reportedly "exhausted," as they sat laughing on the steps for this memorable, official photo.

Alexi LubomirskiAP
"So after we’d done the set up [the family] shots, then we all went to the reception, and if the couple were going to have any energy after that, we were going to go into the rose garden and just take some intimate quick shots," said photographer Alexi Lubomirski. "So eventually we went out there, we had about three-and-a-half minutes to take some pictures, because everything was like clockwork, and it was just one of the those magical moments, when you are a photographer and everything falls into place."

After they got the shots, Lubomirski suggested the duo sit down on the steps and, according to him, "[Meghan] just slumped in between [Prince Harry's] legs." "There was this moment where they were just laughing because they were joking about how they were exhausted and finally it’s all over," Lubomirski told Us Weekly.

The photographer revealed the two were just looking at each other and laughing, and captured the candid moment in this final black-and-white shot. "It wasn’t actually until I got back to the hotel that I looked at [the photo], and it was just amazing—a very happy moment," Lubomirski said. He, too, had a long day it seemed as Lubomirski took all the portraits of the royal family and even had to bribe the children with Smarties candies so they'd behave for photos.


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