Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Honeymoon Was So Secret, Only Two People Knew About It

To this day, it's top-secret information.

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Despite being the biggest event of the year, there were a few secrets that somehow managed to be kept around the royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. For example, her dress designs remained completely under lock and key, and most of the details surrounding their evening party have remained private, too. But one of the most impressive secrets surrounding Meghan and Harry’s big day has got to be their honeymoon destination, which is still yet to be confirmed.

Places like Namibia, Canada and Ireland have all been thrown around as potential romantic options for the newlyweds' top secret honeymoon location—each as fruitless as the last. However, a secret royal source has revealed that the information was kept incredibly close to Harry and Meghan’s chest, and they actually only told two people where they were heading before their vacation.

Most of the senior Kensington Palace staff remained as clueless as the rest of us when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex left for their honeymoon, and apparently only Prince William and the Queen were told where they were heading.

“No one knows where they went,” a source told The Sun. “Only his brother and the Queen were told at first and a few immediate family members know now. The most senior members of the royal household staff still have no idea where they went. They were completely frozen out of all plans and preparations. It was very important that the newlyweds had a private honeymoon where they could be alone together out of the public eye.”

The insider added: “It is has been one of the most tightly guarded secrets in the Palace for years and is mainly due to the fact that news of them dating was leaked,” referring to news of their dating being told to the press last summer.

Somewhere out there, there’s a room service guy who’s sitting on a really, really big secret.


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