Meghan Markle Had The Sweetest Response When a Royal Family Fan Praised Her Mom, Doria Ragland

Who else is joining the Doria Ragland Fan Club?

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Yesterday saw the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, make arguably their cutest royal public appearance so far. The couple paid a visit to their namesake county to explore the city, meet and greet with members of the public, visit the Survivors’ Network in Brighton, and indulge in a little dog petting along the way. The day was full of heartfelt and happy encounters with the community—and a whole lot of PDA action from the loved-up royal couple—but one of the sweetest moments came when Meghan met one adoring royal family fan during her walkabout.

It seems as though Meghan’s day was made in many ways (the drawing of her dog dismantling the patriarchy, for example), but particularly by royal family follower Jennifer, known as LadySassington on Twitter. Jennifer shook hands with the Duchess during the morning of their trip to Sussex and, when face to face with Meghan herself, Jennifer kindly asked: “Will you tell your mom I love her?”

Obviously delighted and touched by the sentiment towards her mother, Doria Ragland, Meghan stepped forward to show her appreciation and sweetly replied: “Oh, I will! We have that in common, don’t we?”

Meghan and her mom Doria, 62, have remained extremely close during the whole whirlwind process of Meghan’s life being turned upside down. While other members of the family have acted questionably during Meghan’s transition from actress to royalty, Doria has remained an important pillar of loyal friendship and support. She recently travelled across the world to join her daughter and son-in-law, Prince Harry, for the official launch of her charity cookbook at Kensington Palace, where she told guests how endlessly proud she was of Meghan.


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Knowing that Doria Ragland has her own little fandom really makes the world a much better place, doesn't it?

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