Khloé Kardashian Reflects on Her "Darkest Moments" After Postponing Move to Cleveland With Tristan Thompson

The cryptic quotes just keep on coming.

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Can someone head over to KUWTK star Khloe Kardashian’s house, armed with ten blankets, some chick-flick movies, and a selection of sugary snacks, please? The 34-year-old reality star is making it clear to anyone who understands the workings of Girl Code that she’s not having the easiest of times right now, as she’s back at it once again with the cryptic, deep and meaningful Instagram quotes.

Sticking with her new technique of spilling the general tea while also keeping the finer details under wraps, Khloé’s latest Insta story statement sees her reflecting on getting through the “darkest moments” of recent times, as well as “making progress that no one recognizes.”

Fingers crossed you wore waterproof mascara this morning, as the full, heartfelt quote from Khloé's Instagram reads: "Shout out to everyone making progress that no one recognizes because you never let anyone see your darkest moments. You've been silently winning battles and transforming yourself, be proud of every step you're making in the right direction. Keep going because you got this.”

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Combine this latest one with her previous recent posts about “making decisions” for herself and “healing” from being “brutally broken” in the past, and it’s a whole lot of emotional outpour with no clear explanation. While the mother of baby True Thompson is yet to definitely reveal what’s really behind her mysterious reflections, they happen to come at the exact same time as a source revealing that Khloé has reportedly postponed her planned move to Cleveland with boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, too.

They claim Khloé, who’s been working on her relationship with True’s father Tristan ever since the first batch of cheating allegations earlier this year, is no longer moving back with the basketball star, to settle down and begin a new life together as a family.

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An insider told People: “Her feelings about Tristan cheating is something that she is still dealing with. She has good weeks when she is fine about it and weeks when she is upset about it...It’s of course difficult to trust someone 100 percent who cheated days before he was about to become a dad.”

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Of course, there's also been more recent rumors that Tristan, 27, was seen getting "touchy-feely" with a girl in a club just weeks ago. Whatever is really going on behind the scenes, let’s just hope Khloé has the usual support of her mom and sisters to see her through it all.

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