Prince Harry Already Has the Sweetest Nickname for His and Meghan Markle's Baby

This should brighten your Monday.

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Send huge thanks over to Prince Harry this morning, who’s gone to the effort of making sure that everyone’s Monday morning is filled with sunshine, smiles and all things joy. The Duke of Sussex and father-to-be has spilled the sweet nickname that he’s already using for his and Meghan Markle’s first baby, and it’s guaranteed to make your heart melt.

The revelation of Prince Harry’s adorable side (not that it wasn’t already showing, he’s forever being cute dad material around kids) came during his most recent speech on the New Zealand leg of the couple’s royal tour. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited the Abel Tasman National Park on the South island, where they were greeted by the Manawhenua ki Mohua people with traditional songs, prayers, and nose kisses. Later, Harry spoke of how excited he was to visit with Meghan and their future first child.

Dropping his loving nickname for the baby, Harry said: "From myself and my wife and our little bump, we are so grateful to be here.” It's even more heartwarming when you see his reaction while speaking about the baby in the video:

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Yep—Harry, Meghan, and Little Bump. Someone hurry up and turn this into a new commemorative royal plate, please.

It’s the latest perfectly candid, cute moment for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their 16-day-long royal tour, which feels as though it’s been going on for SO much longer thanks to the hectic schedule that the couple have completed.

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There’s just two days left in the diary before the Duke and Duchess head back home to London, with planned visits to Auckland and Rotorua for Harry, Meghan and Little Bump to still complete through this week. Naps are definitely in order for the coming weekend.

[image id='9a9e4bc8-c1f0-4537-a40c-0727056894e3' mediaId='aba38234-99fe-464b-91c3-bab1b4986e7a' align='center' size='medium' share='true' caption='' expand='' crop='original'][/image][poll id='8dc3274b-a3db-436f-9b20-fce6a076359a_f8c71bc2a7dd4' type='text' question='Are you betting on the royal baby to be a boy, or a girl?' answer1='I think it\'ll be a boy.' answer2='It\'s definitely gonna be a girl.'][/poll][editoriallinks id='db838f3f-939a-4e58-ae82-a5b8a23cdcde'][/editoriallinks]

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