Australians and New Zealanders Are Using Signs With 'Suits' Puns to Get Meghan Markle's Attention

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If you love puns, consider emigrating to Australia or New Zealand, where the pun game is strong and everyone is on the same page about exactly which pun to use in a given situation.

Okay, full disclosure: The above is a blatant generalization based on a handful of signs Aussies and Kiwis have shown off over the last couple of weeks during the royal tour. Specifically, the people of Australia and New Zealand have capitalized on Meghan Markle's former gig, as an actress on the USA show Suits, to create some pun-tastic signs in hopes of getting her and Prince Harry's attention.

The most popular pun being used on Australian and New Zealander's signs for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex? Any variation on the fact that pregnancy "suits" Meghan.

It suits her. GET IT? (Fuller disclosure: I legitimately, unironically love puns.)

Harry and Meghan are famously friendly with fans, stopping to chat and accepting gifts. During this tour alone, Meghan accepted and then wore a gold-painted pasta necklace from a six-year-old fan named Gavin Hazelwood who flagged her down with a sign from the crowd.

The point is, waiting in a crowd to meet Harry and Meghan is not a waste of your time and making a sign is a solid strategy. Behold, the glory of the Suits pun signs.

This woman from Melbourne thinks pregnancy "suits" Meghan:

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There are a few things I really love about this sign. First, it's simple. Its words might say "pregnancy 'suits' you," but its overall look says, "I'm confident this brilliant pun speaks for itself." I also like the subtle familiarity. It's not that pregnancy "suits" the "Duchess of Sussex" or even "Meghan"—it suit you and you know who you are, Meg.

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It's unique that this sign ignores that Harry exists all together—even other Meghan superfans on the tour at least gave Harry a pity mention on their signs:

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This woman in Wellington, New Zealand, wanted to pass on the sam pun-y message:

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Yes, she was more formal about it (addressing Meghan as "Duchess"), but her exuberance just can't be matched. That smile alone would have gotten Harry and Meghan's attention.

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Finally, this girl in Melbourne took things a step further and declared that being in the royal family in general "suits" Meghan:

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What's great about this sign is that this girl either made it before Meghan and Harry announced they were expecting (which is very possible, given the detail work she put into recreating the Suits logo) or she just chose to focus on Meghan as a full person, not just as an expectant mother.

There are just a few days left on the royal tour. Fingers crossed the Kiwis keep the puns coming.

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