Kylie Jenner Shares Video of Her House Filled With Red Roses from Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner came home Tuesday night to find her house completely filled with red roses and candles. The display seems to have come from Kylie's boyfriend and the father of her child, Travis Scott.

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While the rest of America came home to anxiety and a night of obsessively refreshing midterm election results and the incessant pinging of news alerts, Kylie Jenner was enjoying a little impromptu romance.

Even though it is not Valentine's DayKylie's birthday, or their anniversary (which, by best estimates, is in April, during Coachella season), she came home to an over-the-top display of romance and love in the form of a house completely full of red roses. The reality star/makeup mogul shared a video of the extravagant display on Instagram, and she must have really been impressed, because the video wasn't just an Instagram Story; it's on the grid. It's as permanent as anything on Instagram can be.

"Hell of a way to end the night 🌹♥️," Kylie captioned the video, which panned across her living room and staircase, both of which were completely lined with fat bouquets of red roses and flickering white candles for a little mood lighting. And for mood music, Kylie chose "Hell of a Night," by her guy, Travis Scott.

The song, combined with the caption referencing the song, suggests that the flowers are from Travis, with whom Kylie shares a child—their daughter, Stormi Webster

In her Instagram Stories, Kylie also shared a photo of herself and Stormi, as well as a picture of the flowers from upstairs looking down:

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While the huge display sure looks a lot like the setting of a proposal, it's totally plausible that these flowers were gifted for no reason at all other than Travis loving Kylie and wanting to show it. Travis gave Kylie a bunch of "just because" flowers back in October, too. We know for a fact those blooms were of the "just 'cause" variety because Kylie said so herself in the caption of a video of the gesture:

"Just because flowers are the best kind😫😫😍," she wrote. "Thank u hubby."

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