Kylie Jenner Has Officially Given Birth

The 20-year-old has welcomed her first child into the world.

Though Kylie Jenner has been keeping us in the dark for months—refusing to confirm her pregnancy herself (opens in new tab)—Jenner has officially confirmed that she gave birth (opens in new tab) to a baby girl (opens in new tab) on February 1.

She posted the news in a simple message on Instagram, apologizing to fans for keeping them in the dark during her pregnancy and explaining why she chose to keep that part of her life private.

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Jenner, 20, also confirmed boyfriend Travis Scott (opens in new tab) is the father after posting a video titled, "To our daughter" documenting the couple's pregnancy journey over the last nine months. (The pair have been dating since last April (opens in new tab).) When asked about his girlfriend's pregnancy just last month, Scott, 25, sneakily shut down any questions (opens in new tab) surrounding the pregnancy.

Since news broke of the reported pregnancy (opens in new tab) back in September, Jenner has been keeping an extremely low profile (opens in new tab) and had fans speculating for weeks (opens in new tab) when she would finally have her baby. Congrats to Kylie and Travis!


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