Jennifer Lopez Wore Thong-Pants in Los Angeles Yesterday

J.Lo wore a pair of underwear-baring pants on the set of her new music video yesterday in Los Angeles.

Jennifer Lopez has always been a pioneer of style. She wore that navel-baring Versace dress years before naked dresses and visible bellybutton was a casual thing on a red carpet. She wears capes, blingy bodysuits, and pantsless, sideless, and backless looks like it's nothing. She's basically the Magellan of the fashion world.

But yesterday, J.Lo wore a look that, much like many of the earliest explorers' great discoveries, boggles the mind. The singer (slash actress slash entrepreneur slash glorious human being) stepped out of a dressing trailer onto what appears to be the set of a new music video, wearing what can only be described as thong-pants. Unless you describe them as thong-trousers. Or thong-slacks. Or really whatever you'd call a unified underwear-outerwear leg garment. Because they appear to literally be a pair of dress pants—the kind of trousers you could wear to a board meeting or a fancy dinner—with a thong sewn into them. How do I know the thong is sewn into them? Well, the visible undie and pant are the exact same material—tweed print—and appear to connect at the pants' waistband.

See? It's a whole thing! And while I don't necessarily understand it (do you wear additional underwear under the pants-underwear? Underwear-pants? OMG ARE THESE JUST UNDERPANTS?), I respect it. Jennifer Lopez looks good. And she knows she looks good, she's J.Lo! I can't wait to see all the young starlets wearing thong-pants on the 2027 Oscars red carpet.

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