Andie MacDowell is Returning to 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' for the Upcoming TV Remake

The star of the movie is revisiting her classic story.

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With the highly anticipated return of the Spice Girls, along with Sabrina back on your screen, as well as celebrities wearing all of the clothes you used to wear in your childhood, the 90’s have made a comeback in a big way, so it makes total sense that Hollywood would want to get in on the act, too. One of your all time favorite 90’s moviesFour Weddings and a Funeral, is being given a 2018 makeover, which is both exciting and confusing, and somewhat fills me with equal parts joy and dread.

You may be familiar with (ie. watched one hundred times) the classic 1994 Richard Curtis movie, but now Four Weddings is being adapted into a Hulu TV show, produced by Mindy Kaling and set to premiere in 2019. Curtis is also on board as an executive producer which might just save it, and the television version is already set to span five whole seasons.

Each season will focus on one of the five events that take place in the film (y’know, the four weddings, and then the funeral), with each event focusing on a different set of characters that are tied together by the lead role. That lead role has reportedly been cast as Game of Thrones star, Nathalie Emmanuel. Yeah, told you it was confusing.

However, here’s a development that might guarantee that it’s a good kind of remake and avoid potential disaster. According to Deadline, star of the iconic movie Andie MacDowell has signed up to star in the series—but as a whole new character.

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While she took on the role of Carrie the first time around, she’ll now be playing the mother of a Texas socialite who is getting married—maybe just as a cute tribute to the original, and to tie the two together.

No word yet on whether Hugh Grant, Kristin Scott Rhomas, or John Hannah are set to make cameos alongside MacDowell, but let’s at least get W.H. Auden’s ‘Stop All The Clocks’ in there somewhere, please? It’s only right.

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