Kate Middleton Took Prince George and Princess Charlotte Christmas Shopping at a Bargain Store

Prince George was asking for dinosaur slime.

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Somehow reached Christmas Eve without crossing off all of your Gifts To Buy list? Preparing to head out and elbow your way through the worst of humanity in the stores this afternoon? Don’t worry—you can now just tell anyone who disapproves of your last minute approach that you’re doing things Duchess-style. Amazingly, it turns out that even Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, manages to leave her Christmas shopping until the very last minute. We love relatable royalty.

Kate was spotted keeping it real at a bargain store on Saturday, completing her holiday gift hunt with an excited Princess Charlotte and Prince George in tow. The royal children were by their mother's side as she unassumingly browsed at The Range, an affordable home and leisure retailer, just fifteen minutes from Sandringhamwhere the family will spend their Christmas with the Queen.

In pictures obtained by The Sun, the Duchess can be seen keeping it casual in a green winter coat and scarf, with her hair tied back in an effortless ponytail as she headed to the checkout. According to onlookers, Kate purchased “trolley-loads of pictures, children’s books and artist materials,” so it was seemingly all an effort to keep the royal children entertained through the holidays.

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But, while he did head back home to Sandringham armed with new paints and crayons, Prince George had a few other ideas, too. Apparently, a witness of Kate’s unexpected shopping spree told the Mail Online that George asked if they could buy some dinosaur slime, too.

A shopper, Mrs Daniels, recalled: “As I was looking at the shelves I noticed a tall dark-haired lady further down the aisle and thought to myself 'I recognize that face’. Then I heard George say 'Charlotte, pick that up' and the penny suddenly dropped as to who they were. It seemed like a lovely family outing for them the day before Christmas Eve.”

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One mum told The Sun: “I recognized little Prince George holding Kate’s hand and ­Charlotte with a red bow in her hair. Their protection officers were keeping a discreet distance so they looked like any other family out grabbing last-minute Christmas bargains.

“When Kate got to the checkouts I plucked up courage to ask if she’d do a selfie with me and my kids. She very politely declined. She was so nice, explaining she was just doing a bit of Christmas shopping."

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Imagine popping to the store to pick up your final ribbons, wrapping paper, and sprouts—only to find actual Kate Middleton browsing the novelty festive socks and Prince George checking out the slime offerings. It's a true Christmas miracle.

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