Prince Harry Lost His GPS Tracker as a Kid, Triggering a High Security Alert

When he was away at boarding school, Prince Harry lost the GPS tag he was required to wear at all times, causing a high security alert.

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To quote a million Spider-Man movies: "With great power, comes great responsibility."

Apparently, Prince Harry didn't get that memo when he was a student at Ludgrove Boarding School. According to Hello MagazineHarry caused quite the security snafu back in the day, thanks to a GPS error.

Huh? Let us explain.

Back when Harry and his brother, Prince William, were students at Ludgrove, they weren't away at school on their own like most boarding school students. Being royalty and all, Will and Harry had private security guards who lived on the perimeter of the school's grounds and kept tabs on the young princes. Because these guards couldn't logistically be with Will and Harry every moment of every day, the boys were required to wear GPS satellite tags so their location would always be known when the security team couldn't physically have eyes on them.

It sounds extreme, but they're royal after all. Anyway, royal biographer Katie Nicholl revealed in her 2010 book, William and Harry, that Harry once caused a major panic when he lost his tag.

"It was Harry who triggered a security alert at the school when he lost his GPS satellite tag one evening. Both he and William had been instructed to wear the tags every day so that their protection officers could track them even if they weren’t actually with them. There was chaos when Harry lost his. After several frantic minutes, the device was located beneath the dirty clothes in Harry’s laundry bin."

Harry still has a 24/7 security team, but he was apparently allowed to stop wearing the GPS tag when he turned 17.



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