Enjoy Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Reacting to a Teen Dropping the F-Bomb Into Conversation

Pretty sure this isn't royal protocol.

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Move over, cute dogs and hilarious cats, because there’s a new ‘Best Internet Video of the Day’ to observe right now. It involves Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their latest royal engagement to Bristol, England, which saw the Duke and Duchess of Sussex complete their first walkabout in the snow.

But, romantic weather aside, the best moment that we all missed came later on in the day, when the couple attended a workshop with kids as part of Bristol Old Vic’s outreach program.

A group of local teenagers shared with Harry and Meghan their experiences of working with the world’s oldest working theatre and sure, that might sound like a pretty wholesome afternoon. But one particular boy made more impact than probably expected, when he accidentally dropped the word ‘fuck’ into conversation with royalty. Oh we’ve all been there.

Get ready to gasp and experience second-hand awkwardness convulsions when, in the video captured of the magical moment, the teenager tells Meghan and Harry: “When you’re on the stage, you can’t be like, you know, fucking around on the stage.”

IT'S SO CASUAL. Luckily, this kid knows his audience, and the always-chill Duke and Duchess of Sussex handle the whole thing with good humor. The potential disaster is only made even better when Meghan can’t help but burst out with eyebrow-raised laughter, while Harry pretends to regain his composure after the shock.

Well, it's official. These two are going to be the coolest parents.

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