John Legend Went on 'Lip Sync Battle' and Wore a Fabulous Wig

It involved...a blowup doll.

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Lip Sync Battle gives us lots and lots of Chrissy Teigen, which is of course the best. But in last night's episode, her handsome husband John Legend guest-starred, which makes things even better (I love their perfect, perfect dynamic). The episode was taped the same night Legend won an Emmy and officially became an EGOT winner, so let's just say it was really John's night. Also, Chrissy made him try on a hilarious wig, so, he's winning in a fashion sense, too.

The whole situation started strangely, with Riverdale star Vanessa Morgan singing to a blowup doll with a fabulous bob wig in blunt bangs. Chrissy immediately spotted an opportunity and told John to ask Vanessa to let him try it on (Chrissy lost her voice, presumably cheering on John's historic win, so John was acting as her voice and spokesperson/translator as well). Vanessa obliged, and we got an amazing moment of John delicately tossing back his new 'do and everyone's delighted responses.

Per usual, Chrissy was first to give her thoughts. "This is the weirdest episode ever—I love it," she said. Later she joked on Twitter, "this was the weirdest @lipsyncbattle we have ever done and let me tell you, there have been a lot of weird lip sync battles."

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Chrissy also quipped, "If you hate hearing my voice, you'll love my silence tonight!" (I love your voice, Chrissy. Never change.)

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Fun fact? This is not the first time John's professed his love for wigs in public. (Scroll through for the pic, I promise it's worth it).

Pink suits you, John!

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