Busy Phillips and Phoebe Robinson Get Real About Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

"I thought they were going to make out! I did!"

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The biggest night in Hollywood has come and gone, but nobody can stop talking about Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's performance (opens in new tab) of "Shallow." Yes, the Oscars' fashion was great (opens in new tab), as were the beauty looks (opens in new tab), and I personally couldn't get enough of the naked dresses (opens in new tab)—but, really, it was all about Gaga and Cooper. Oh, and Irina Shayk (opens in new tab). Kind of.

If you didn't watch the performance (do yourself a favor and watch this NSFW video in the privacy of your own home, or at least with headphones on), you can watch it below. It's a combination of passion, talent, and raw sexual tension I don't think I've ever seen on primetime television. And at first I was into it...until I started to feel very uncomfortable. And as I sat on my couch watching this steamy Oscars performance, I was suddenly overwhelmed by anger.

I MEAN! Could you imagine being Irina Shayk and watching that? In real life? To be fair, Shayk handled it like a pro (opens in new tab), but the Internet and every woman in America were not ready to let it go (opens in new tab).

Which brings me to Busy Phillips' show Busy Tonight. On Monday night, comedian Phoebe Robinson stopped by the late-night show to discuss. She held nothing back, and I was living for it.

Said Robinson: "I'm, like, #JusticeForIrina. She needs it...It was not good. He was in a hotel tonight, last night. Like, [Irina] was not letting him in the house. It was crazy! Like, I thought they were going to make out! I did!"

Agreed Phillips: "I've seen all kind of co-stars when they fall in love when they're working together, and it's not really a real thing, it's more like a work love...That felt real to me."

"They definitely f*****," speculated Robinson, prompting cheers from the audience.

So what do you think? Their chemistry is undeniableThey even shared this intimate moment backstage at the awards (opens in new tab). Love, lust or just super good acting??? I do not know! Even Bradley's ex-wife had some thoughts, making them very clear with one simple word (opens in new tab).

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