Priyanka Chopra Has Just Been Announced to Speak at a MAJOR, Star-Studded Women's Summit

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is having a phenomenal 2019. According to an exclusive from Variety, she's pushing forward with major causes she supports: it's just been announced she's going to speak at this year's "Women in the World" summit, interviewed by the summit founder Tina Brown.

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas is having a phenomenal 2019: The recently married star just appeared in husband Nick Jonas' music videogot gifted a car, and is channeling every chic fashion trend in all her lewks. According to an exclusive from Variety, she's also pushing forward with major causes she supports. It's just been announced she's going to speak at this year's "Women in the World" summit, interviewed by the summit founder Tina Brown.

The event is already packed with superstar women, including Anna Wintour, Brie LarsonStacey Abrams, and Cindy McCain. Oh and the keynote speaker is Oprah...casual.

Priyanka will likely talk about investing in Bumble (along with other superstar Serena Williams), and her video series “If I Could Tell You Just One Thing,” interviewing incredible women like Awkwafina and Diane Von Furstenburg. She's really been channeling some social causes lately, but who knows: Maybe she'll also talk about life with Nick? (A girl can dream!)

Variety has more deets on what the conference actually covers:

In previous years, the speakers have included Hilary Clinton and Cecile Richards, former Planned Parenthood president.

Priyanka hasn't commented officially, but she's definitely celebrating her amazing life right now:

Okay, is anyone going to this summit and if so can you just bring me along, please? Because this is going to be huge.

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