Khloe Kardashian Filmed Beyoncé Giving an Impromptu Serenade at Diana Ross's Birthday

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    • Khloe Kardashian documented it all, including Beyonce Knowles casually and out of nowhere being called down to deliver a happy birthday song to Ms. Ross. (And yes, there's video).

        Diana Ross, the woman, the myth, the legend: She's just turned 75, and had THE MOST star-studded birthday bash to celebrate. No doubt it was an insanely exclusive invite, judging by the guest list, but luckily we have Khloé Kardashian, who documented everything from the magical night—in a huge blonde wig that has proved controversial, probably in tribute to the singing legend's iconic locks. She even captured video of Beyonce in a surprising, impromptu performance singing happy birthday to Diana.

        In the video on Khloé's Instagram Stories, Diana's daughter Tracee Ellis Ross takes the microphone and sounds like she's just given a speech celebrating her awesome mom. She exclaims: "Beyoncé? Are you still here? Do you want to sing 'Happy Birthday?' Come on down!"

        So apparently Beyoncé didn't know she might have to sing?? (She might also have been given an advance heads up—hopefully.) I have MAJOR stage fright singing in front of people anyways, so being asked to sing off the cuff in front of hundreds of famous puddle might literally cause me to drop into a little watery puddle on the floor. But of course, Beyonce killed it.

        You can go here for the video; There are technically two videos from different angles (one looks like it was taken by another guest), and the footage is a bit grainy, but of course Beyonce's voice sounds smashing as usual.

        Here's Khloé's huge blonde wig, in case you're curious:

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        Khloe KardashianInstagram

        And here's a still from the video:

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        Khloe KardashianInstagram

        Khloé also took some glamour shots with sister Kourtney from the night:

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        Khloe KardashianInstagram

        And later Diana HERSELF took to the stage to perform in front of an adoring crowd of thousands:

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        Khloé: Doing a public service by sharing Ms. Ross AND Beyonce with the world.

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