Khloé Kardashian Just Debuted an Extreme, Icy Blonde Hair Makeover for Winter

It's the blondest she's EVER been.

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It’s been at least fifteen minutes since a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family delivered on the dramatic hair makeover front, but don’t panic. Khloé Kardashian has taken one for the team and battled with the bleach to achieve a whole new look just in time for Christmas—and for once, I actually don’t think it’s a sneaky wig.

Icy blonde is clearly the shade to go for this winter as, only a few days after Hilary Duff made the exact same move, and with Kylie wearing her hair platinum for a while now, Khloé took to Instagram stories to debut her blondest ever look. She’s transformed her signature warm, beachy tones and dark roots into an all-over bright white and, judging by the series of videos, she is feeling it in a big way.

Testing out its potential with a variety of filters (always important after any trip to the salon), Khloé showed off her new look while carrying her adorable daughter True on her hip. While posing with the shattered diamonds Instagram filter, Khloé said: “This is how I feel with this new hair.”


But, even when there’s new Kardashian hair to be discussed, True still managed to steal the show all by herself while giggling and mumbling “Dada”. Just last week, the new mother of one revealed that True had surprised her and boyfriend Tristan Thompson with her first word. “I can’t believe my baby is seven-months-old!” Khloé wrote on her app.

“True now has three teeth and she’s going to crawl any second," the 36-year-old reality star went on. "She also smiles constantly, but I still can’t get that little munchkin to laugh unless I tickle her. Maybe I’m just not funny, LOL. She also says ‘dada,’ but I think she means ‘mama’.”

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Anyone else thinking that it might be time to go a shade or two lighter? Thanks to Khloé, the temptation is very real.

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