Meghan Markle's Former Stylist Reveals What it's Really Like to Hang Out With the Duchess of Sussex

It involves snacks, wine, and dogs.

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In just a few weeks, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s life will revolve around changing diapers and midnight feeds, so their social life might be on hold for a little while thanks to the arrival of Baby Sussex. But, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to hang out with the Duchess of Sussex, her former stylist has shared all the answers.

Talia Brown Thall met Suits actress Meghan way back in 2005 on a photoshoot, and the pair became friends after bonding over their mutual love of yoga. The Duchess is a huge fan of mindful activity, and has spoken recently about incorporating it into her pregnancy routine since the beginning.

When they weren’t creating flawless outfits, Brown Thall and Meghan would hang out together behind the scenes, and it sounds like the perfect girls get together involving wine, snacks, and cute pets. See? Yet more proof that you and the Duchess of Sussex would probably by BFFs in an alternate universe.

“We would go back to her house, just sit on the couch, drinking wine, eating berries and hanging out with her dogs,” Brown Thall told PEOPLE, adding: “Her dogs were her pre-baby babies, they were both rescue dogs and she was so patient with them.”

If you’re not up to date with Meghan’s pooches, Bogart remained with friends in Canada when she moved, while Guy made the journey to London, and she and Prince Harry reportedly adopted a new black lab last year.

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Aside from dishing on what it’s really like to hang out with Meghan Markle, Brown Thall went on to explain exactly why her friend will make an amazing first time parent, and it totally lines up with how Serena Williams spoke of Meghan, too. “She really loves to love and that’s why I think she will be the best mom,” Brown Thall said. “She’s kind and she thinks about the world around her, she’s going to be so great!”

Wine, cute dogs, snacks—plus the tales of her perfect avocado toast and chocolate truffles? It's official, the Duchess of Sussex knows how to do girl time right.

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