Meghan Markle Might Be Hosting Another Close Friend at Kensington Palace This Week

More avocado toast pictures, please.

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Having the bright beam of sunshine that is Meghan Markle (opens in new tab) in your life would be reason enough to be friends with the Duchess of Sussex, but getting the chance to crash at Kensington Palace (opens in new tab) if you ever visit London wouldn't not be a perk.

Last week, Meghan (who is six months pregnant and busier than any of the rest of us mortals) took the time to play hostess to her close friend (opens in new tab)makeup artist Daniel Martin (opens in new tab), when he was in London. Martin rose to major prominence in the beauty world last year when he was revealed as the mastermind behind Meghan’s beautiful wedding day makeup look (opens in new tab).

Like many (okay, most) of the people in Meghan's inner circle (opens in new tab), Martin has been a part of her life since way before her ascension to royalty. In fact, he's been a close friend (opens in new tab) of Meghan's since she was slumming it as the star of a hit TV show.

Martin made his travel plans very clear to anyone with a passing knowledge of his Meghan connection (opens in new tab) when he posted a picture to his Instagram Story with the telling caption: "Weekend in London with my M" along with a red heart emoji. Later in the weekend, he shared a snap of the world's most perfect avocado toast, which Meghan apparently made (opens in new tab) with her own two royal hands:

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"Back to our Tig days…” he wrote in the caption, referencing Meghan's now-defunct (opens in new tab), but forever amazing lifestyle blog, The Tig (opens in new tab)"Thank you Meghan for being the consummate hostess this weekend and still being the #avocadotoast whisperer, YUM!"

It looks like Meghan is playing hostess once again this weekend. According to Hello Magazine (opens in new tab), Meghan's BFF/personal stylist extraordinaire, Jessica Mulroney (opens in new tab), touched down in London this week and posted proof in the form of an Instagram Story taken at Park Chinois, a high-end Chinese restaurant in Mayfair in London's ultra-posh West End.

Of course, Jessica has since been posting (opens in new tab) from Switzerland, so how much time she spent with Meghan/at Kensington Palace is hard to say.


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