Prince William and Kate Middleton Take George and Charlotte for a Day Out with the Tindalls

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  • This weekend, at the Burnham Market international horse trials in Norfolk, Prince William and Kate Middleton took Prince George and Princess Charlotte out for a fun-filled family day.
    • Also at the horse trials were Mike and Zara Tindall and their five-year-old daughter, Mia, who is the same age as Prince George. Zara Tindall, the daughter of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips, is Prince William's first cousin, making the day out an extended Windsor family event.
      • The youngest royals all took advantage of being tiny children and rode around piggyback on the shoulders of their parents. Mia even grabbed at William's ears while riding on his shoulders in one particularly adorably and hilarious photo obtained by the Daily Mail.

        Prince William and Kate Middleton planned an extended family hang out this weekend when they took their oldest children, Prince George, 5, and Princess Charlotte, 3, to the Burnham Market international horse trials in Norfolk. The extended family in question? The Tindalls, Mike and Zara, and their five-year-old daughter, Mia.

        For anyone who hasn't memorized the Windsor family tree, Zara is Will's first cousin (she was born Zara Phillips and she's the daughter of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips). The young royal cousins had a blast, as they always do (see: every photo from Princess Eugenie's wedding).

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        Mia took up some prime real estate on the shoulders of the future King of England and, in one particularly adorable and hilarious photo, even grabbed on to his ears for support, causing Will to wince (the Daily Mail has the photo, along with several more from the royal outing, if you're interested).

        Here are just a few other photos of Mia over the years that illustrate what a fun kid/perfect playmate for George and Charlotte she is:

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        And don't worry: George and Charlotte also got in on the piggyback ride action. George rode around on Mike Tindall's shoulders while Charlotte tapped her mom, Kate Middleton, for the honor.

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