Kate Middleton's Nickname for Princess Charlotte Is So Adorable

Kate Middleton's nickname for Princess Charlotte is "Poppet." Prince William has been overheard calling Kate the same nickname.

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Royals: They're just like us. You know, except that they have castles and tiaras and titles and televised weddings. But, other than that, they're just sometimes kind of like us. Today, the Duchess of Cambridge herself, Kate Middleton, was spotted doing last minute Christmas shopping in a discount store like a total normal. Kate brought Prince George and Princess Charlotte along for her shopping trip to The Range, where they bought cartloads of bargain gifts (probably for other royals—they do have a tradition of giving each other inexpensive, hilarious joke gifts, after all).

The royals didn't insist that the store be cleared out for their shopping excursion because they don't feel a need to throw their status around like that. Instead, Kate, George, and Charlotte mingled right in with the crowds (and crowds there certainly were—it's the day before Christmas, after all) and waited their turn in line like the polite humans they are.

Thanks to the close proximity, Kate and the kids were also overheard by the other shoppers in the store. Those shoppers spoke to the local press about the snippets they overheard, giving us all a little extra insight into the inner-workings of the Cambridge clan.

One particularly adorable tidbit they divulged? Kate's too-cute nickname for Charlotte.

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Sarah Daniels, another shopper at The Range who spoke to the Daily Mail about her time sharing space in a discount store with literal royalty, said that at one point, Charlotte, in a typically adorable and spunky Princess Charlotte move, was sat on the floor in the store.

Kate, in typical being-a-great-mom fashion, gently told Charlotte it was not okay to sit on the floor in the store. "Get up, poppet," she reportedly said to her daughter.

Making the already cute nickname even cuter is the fact that Prince William has been known to call Kate "poppet" and Kate has also called her oldest son, George, the nickname, meaning "poppet" is officially a family-wide nickname.

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