Who Is Matthew Koma, Hilary Duff's Fiancé?

He's a musician, dad, and all-around goofball.

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In the cutest news I've heard all day that isn't Royal Baby-related, Hilary Duff just got engaged to her partner of nearly two and a half years, Matthew Koma (born Matthew Bair). The couple has kept a low-key profile, so you might initially be wondering who he is. Turns out, they're a really sweet, demonstrative, supportive couple—they have a little baby girl together!—and their relationship's just flat-out awesome.

If you've heard Zedd's "Clarity," you've heard Matthew's work. He's one of the writers on that song, as well as "Spectrum." He's worked with Alesso, Tiësto, and One Republic, among others.

He's also a singer in a band called Winnetka Bowling League and, if I may say so, quite a talented singer.

Hilary loooooves this aspect about him and will share Instagram Stories of his performances. (It's really cute, FYI.)

He and Hilary have a child together: Six-month-old Banks, who's cute as a button. Hilary made the pregnancy announcement in June 2018; she and Matthew had been together for a year and a half at that point, since January 2017. Both parents have visibly swooned over their daughter:

Matthew is also close with Hilary's older child, Luca, with ex Mike Comrie.

He likes to occasionally fake-troll Hilary on social media, from making "complaints" about the way she's raising Banks to random non sequiturs. He even recently in his Instagram Stories deliberately mis-tagged her as Hilary Swank (HA).

But, lest we be worried, he also is really, really supportive. Most recently, after she made a long and revealing post about deciding to stop breastfeeding, he called her "my hero." If you follow them both regularly on social media as I do, they're often open about how much they like each other, up to and including gentle teasing.

Aaaaand she totally said yes (again, they have a kid together so I'm not surprised, but yay for them all the same!!). 

May they have many happy years of snarky bliss together!

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