Is Jessica Mulroney About to Meet Meghan Markle's Son Archie for the First Time?

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    • The two have a long, loving history, but of course Jessica wasn't explicit (she doesn't comment about her relationship with Meghan).

        Jessica Mulroney: Meghan Markle's BFF, stylist, unofficial backstage planner for her wedding, and now fellow mom (cue me swooning over Archie for approximately the millionth time). The pair have been loyal pals since Meghan was an actress—the two don't comment about their relationship—and Jessica's been building a brand independent of her famous pal. Now, there's speculation that Jessica might be en route to visit Meghan and her son Archie for the very first time.

        In an Instagram post, Jessica showed a photo of her daughter. "Packing for our first Mother/Daughter trip and I’m screaming with excitement. Are matching shoes too much?" she captioned the photo. I love how Isabel (a.k.a. Ivy) looks a little nonplussed at the whole matching situation. The "screaming with excitement" could also be a big clue about the importance of the trip, I think. Jessica is also mom to twin boys, and very likely has lots of advice she can give her friend about managing a very hectic household.

        The two friends were last spotted at Meghan's New York baby shower. There are rumors Meghan might be looking for a home in California, which would give the two even more of an opportunity to potentially see each other (Jessica's in Toronto but travels for work). If the speculation is correct, and the BFFs are about to get together for the first time since Meghan became a mom, she'd be one of the first to pay little Archie a visit. The Queen, Prince Charles, and most recently Kate Middleton and Prince William have all gotten the chance to say hello to the newest (and cutest) royal.

        Here's the original post from Jessica:

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        As usual, there's juuuuust enough info to provide hints, but not speaking about the relationship directly.

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