The Sweet Meaning Behind Jenna Dewan's First Instagram Post About Boyfriend Steve Kazee

Up until yesterday, Jenna Dewan hadn't posted anything on her Instagram feed about her boyfriend of over seven months, actor Steve Kazee. But she just made it official, posting a super-cute photo of the pair, with an even sweeter caption that reveals a lot about their relationship. And I am here for it.

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Up until yesterday, Jenna Dewan hadn't posted anything on her Instagram feed about her boyfriend of over seven months, actor Steve Kazee. But she just made it official, posting a super-cute photo of the pair, with an even sweeter caption that reveals a lot about their relationship. And I am here for it

Lest anyone be worried, Steve and Jenna have totally been supportive and cute over social media and IRL (They have mega-sexy dates! They comment on each other's posts all the time! And their dogs are in love! Just like them!), so this is just another step forward in their relationship. Steve, for his part, has posted a whole bunch about his girlfriend and how lucky he is to have her, which is wildly adorable.

It seemed like Jenna was in a reflective state of mind yesterday: She posted one of those inspirational quotes about finding peace in a chaotic world—"tapping into a blissful state of mind amidst the normal chaos of a hectic life." "This is the real life work right here ✨," she captioned the quote.

Then, she posted a realllly sweet pic of her and Steve. Captioning the photo "Speaking of peace....❤️," the implication is that Steve helps her tap into that "blissful state of mind." Not only are they now Instagram-official, but Jenna is insinuating that Steve is a really important part of her life and happiness. BRB, I just melted into the floor.

Jenna's been fairly quiet about her love life since her (by all accounts) amicable split from Channing Tatum. Indeed, some of the commenters on the post seemed critical of the fact that she'd moved on so soon after her split (ugh), which could certainly explain why she's hesitant to post anything. But, in my opinion, she's clearly peacefully in love, and is now ready to share this newish part of her life.

Here are the original posts:

Steve liked the photo, of course. I love this—more pics, please!

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