Joe Jonas Totally Almost Kissed Sophie Turner's 'Game of Thrones' Stunt Double On Set

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    • Megan Parkinson does look a lot like Sophie, as you'll see.

        Sophie Turner, out promoting Dark Phoenix and supporting new husband Joe's Jonas Brother documentary Chasing Happiness, has been giving us more tidbits about the often-hilarious shenanigans that took place on the Game of Thrones set. Speaking to Nova's Smallzy's Surgery and reported in the Daily Mail, Sophie explained that her GoT double looked SO much like her that it caused some, uh, confusion on set.

        In case you didn't know, a photo double is someone who looks so much like a particular actor that they're used for long-shots and back-of-the-head shots (as opposed to a stunt double, who does stunts so the actor doesn't get injured). The Daily Mail IDed Meghan as the double Sophie is referring to.

        'On Game of Thrones actually I had a photo double that people would do double takes at because she looked so much like me, it was insane," Sophie said. "Even Joe went up to her at one point and tried to give her a kiss and he was like 'Oh, sorry, sorry it's not Sophie, wrong one!'" Um, that is hilarious. Clearly, it's not an issue, considering Sophie can laugh about it.

        Luckily, the same thing isn't about to happen for her stunt doubles on Dark Phoenix. "They don't really look like me, first of all, they are much fitter, have much more muscle and just better looking aesthetically in general," she laughed.

        Megan also played a small role on the series, Alys Karstark, so if you're a fan of the show you probably recognize her. For reference, this is what she looks like:

        And this is her in action:

        I totally see it.

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