Memes About Beyoncé's Side-Eye Are As Iconic As the Moment Itself

"Beyoncé really just gave a 'look' and the BeyHive made that woman disappear. Wow."

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With the world premiere of the live action remake of The Lion King fast approaching (July 19, people!), our fave Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter has been stepping out and serving the girls everything they need—including what appears to be a good 'ol side eye from the original Virgo Queen that has the Internet positively shrieking in delight.

Blue, Rumi, and Sir's mom showed face at last night's NBA finals game Toronto Raptors vs. Golden State Warriors game alongside her billionaire husband Jay-Z. Things were going swimmingly until the woman seated beside the couple decided that she wanted to get...chatty. The fan, who is actually the wife of the owner of the Warriors, repeatedly leaned over Beyoncé to carry on a conversation with Jay-Z. And, at least according to the below video, it looked awkward, folks.

As soon as footage from the game hit the web, fans were quick to comment on the fiasco. Consensus: give our girl 50 feet, miss ma'am.

Fear the Hive.

Me when I'm ready to leave the club after just 15 minutes:

The (petty) Virgo jumped OUT!

One word: karma.

Moral of the story? Don't ever talk over Beyoncé. BRB, saving these gifs and screenshots to my meme collection.

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