Everything We Know About Prince William and Kate Middleton's Potential Tour of Asia This Fall

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    • The tour would include Commonwealth countries and would be weeks apart from Meghan and Harry's trip to Africa.

        Ooooo could this mean lots of royal pictures, please? According to the Daily Mail on Sunday (but not confirmed by Kensington Palace yet, interestingly), Kate Middleton and Prince William are planning a tour of Asia this fall. Details are reportedly coming in the next few weeks, but this is what we know about the potential trip so far.

        When is it?

        We know that it's "autumn," but nothing more specific than that. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's tour of several African countries is set to take place this October, and the trips could be close together. Daily Mail says they'll be "weeks apart."

        Where will they go?

        According to a statement from Kensington Palace, “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will undertake an official visit to Pakistan at the request of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office." This will be their first trip to the country; Princess Diana visited the country various times throughout her life, and the Queen has visited as well.

        The statement didn't mention anything about any other countries (which may be because of security). Reportedly they may also focus on Commonwealth countries that may include Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, and Singapore. The tour likely won't include China. "Sources believe there is a good chance of a visit to Sri Lanka, where a terror attack on Easter Sunday left at least 258 people dead, but less likelihood of a stop in Brunei, which has attracted criticism for its human rights record."

        Will their kids come?

        No word yet on that—Prince George (5) is the oldest of William and Kate's three kids (Charlotte is 4, Louis is 1). As when William and Harry were kids, we're seeing Kate and William's kids for events like Trooping the Colour, but they don't necessarily join the couple on regular public outings. However, George did join William and Kate on their tour of Australia in 2014 and was the grumpiest grump that ever grumped. It was super cute. And George and Charlotte joined their parents for their Canadian tour in 2016, as another example.

        Is this their first tour of Asia?

        No—Kate and William visited Singapore and Malaysia in 2012 and India and Bhutan in 2016. William has also visited Japan, China, and Vietnam on his own. But there'll still be a lot of firsts on this trip, most likely!

        Oh and (I'm hoping) there will be a ton of fabulous outfits—Kate really tends to break out her patterns, fun dresses, and sunglasses when she's on tour, and it's such fashion inspiration that I might have to create a whole Pinterest board for this trip. Remember this gorgeous number from the Taj Mahal?

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        So exciting.

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