Miley Cyrus Gives Off Cool Girl Vibes on a Sports Car Float That's Still Available to Buy

Miley Cyrus has been posting some EPIC Hot Girl Summer pictures. My favorite part might be the inflatable sports car she's floating on, which is still available to buy.

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Miley Cyrus has been posting some EPIC Hot Girl Summer pictures as she very clearly relaxes in minimal clothing in various locations (no shade—it's hot, and she's very clearly loving how fit she is right now). TBH, the whole situation is covetable, from that itty bitty red checkered bikini, to the matching sunglasses and black pedicure, to the pool. But my favorite part might be the inflatable sports car she's floating on, and even better yet, it's still available to buy, should you want one of your own. (I most certainly do, so THANKS Miley.)

Funboy also makes those fun swan (opens in new tab) and unicorn (opens in new tab) floats that are by now a complete staple of hanging out by the pool or beach looking cool (or in my case, just continuing to make me look dorky, per usual.) But the car is extra-special, in my opinion, because it's a little unique—I haven't seen one yet at a pool party—and it looks like it's totally comfy and perfect for lounging.

I think I can also spot the Funboy red lips float (opens in new tab) and their rainbow daybed (opens in new tab) in the background of one of Miley's pool photos, which I also love. It totally matches her outfit! Even her pool accessories are getting in on her style action.

Here's the original post—you can swipe through to see the other floats in her pool:

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Miley is feelin' herself right now, and I can absolutely see why. It's the perfect look for summer. 

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