Miley Cyrus Covered Amy Winehouse at Glastonbury Festival And It's Utterly Gorgeous

Glastonbury Festival happened this weekend Miley Cyrus channeled the legendary singer Amy Winehouse. It was a sweet, meaningful tribute.

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The epic Glastonbury Festival happened this weekend in the U.K., and all anyone can talk about is Miley Cyrus (if you happen to live or were visiting for the festival, I need to know all the details/am insanely jealous of you). The actor and singer brought the heat on the last day—channeling her Black Mirror character Ashley O. complete with her lavender wig and trademark song, and bringing dad Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X to sing their ballad of the summer "Old Town Road." But my very favorite moment was actually neither of these two—Miley channeled the legendary British singer Amy Winehouse, and turns out it was a surprisingly sweet, tender tribute that I absolutely adored.

Obviously, Miley doesn't have the same vocals as Amy Winehouse, but she brings some American southern twang to the sound. She didn't move around as much as for the rest of the concert, instead choosing to walk slowly around the stage (the crowd looooved it, singing along and smiling). Mark Ronson, who accompanied Miley at the piano, apparently used to work with Amy Winehouse, so there was hidden meaning in her performance there as well.

I really love it. Obviously Amy Winehouse's style was utterly unique to her, but Miley sounds perfectly comfortable in that low range. It's just a totally different vibe to the classic tune that proves a) Miley can totally sing live, no surprise, and b) that song is still so, so, heartbreakingly gorgeous.

Here's a part of her performance:

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And here's her singing with her dad and Lil Nas X in the iconic moment everyone's talking about:

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Ladies and gentlemen, Miley is back

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