Hilary Duff Got Two Tiny, Intricate Tattoos, So Now I Want Two Tiny, Intricate Tattoos

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    • They're minimal, but gorgeous, and added to her ever-growing list of ink (how did I not know this before?).

        Hilary Duff went to winterstone (artist Daniel Stone) to get two tattoos done—a geometric sunrise formation composed entirely of dots on the inside of her forearm and a little "sassy" star formation close to her elbow that's so pretty and minimal, it could be a beauty mark. I love them and want two of my own. (Guys, hold me back.)

        According to Page Six,

        The dotted and dashed sunbeams sit between her wrist tattoo of her son’s name, “Luca,” and the swallow inked further up on her arm. Duff’s large collection of tattoos seems to have a bright and positive theme overall; they include a star on the back of her neck, “Let it be” on her right foot and “Shine” on her middle finger. She also has two roses by celeb artist Dr. Woo on the inside of her bicep, an anchor on her ankle, a crescent moon with a star, a triangle with an arrow and more.

        Stone has also worked with Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, Lady Gaga, and Sophie Turner, so he's all the rage for gorgeous trendy looks right now.

        Hilary also gave us a little BTS action of the process, saying, "thank you for my ☀️ she’s a bright addition":

        And here's the one on her forearm:

        Hilary DuffInstagram

        And winterstone showed off his handiwork too. They're so subtle that they could just look like very coordinated freckles if you don't look too close:

        Guys, I have no tattoos. Should I get one?? Does it hurt? Can I pull this look off? (Probably not.)

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