Katie Holmes Is Absolutely Feeling Herself at NYFW

Katie Holmes has been turning it up since her split from Jamie Foxx, and her latest outings at NYFW have been no exception.

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Katie Holmes has been turning it up lately, and her latest outings at NYFW have been no exception. On Tuesday, Katie posted absolutely glam shots of her getting ready for an upcoming show, captioning the photos: "Genevieve Herr Joseph Maine thank u both for getting me ready for the beautiful Zimmermann show." She wore a tight black bodysuit (I think) on top and trendy tan paperbag pants. Common refrain: I would look ridiculous and stumpy, but she looks great. Also, this is the perfect way to wear them, with a simple, tight-fitting contrast up top.

She also posted a BTS shot of her in wet hair and a robe, which...wow. She looks so sultry. I love it. Earlier in the week she was at Elie Tahari in an oversize cardi, jean jacket, tight white tank, and coated black skinny jeans that feels like the perfect layering look for fall. And before that, at Zimmerman, she was oh-so-sexy with slicked-back hair, a black blazer, and a lace corset top. Wow.

Here are the pics from the latest show:

Ok but for reals, she looks exactly like Joey Potter in this pic, and clearly has not aged a day. So gorgeous.

And the shots of her earlier in the week:

And a full-length view of that lewk:



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