'Game of Thrones' Actor Alfie Allen Goes HAM on a Fan Who Lied About Him on Instagram

Theon isn't having it.

Theon Greyjoy isn't your punching bag anymore!

Instagram user Olivia Bowes saw Theon, aka actor Alfie Allen, out in the wild, and took a photo with him.

"Unlike Theon I grew some balls and asked for a photo," she captioned the pic. (This is supposed to be funny because Theon was castrated on the show. GET IT?)

Anyway, Alfie wasn't having it, and came after Olivia in the comments, noting that it wasn't her who asked for the photo, but her mom. OMG lololol I am dying. POINT, THEON!

See the whole glorious interaction here:

I mean, it's too perfect. It could not be anymore perfect. This whole thing. Game of Thrones is over, this is how the show should end.

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Laura Beck
Laura Beck

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