Miley Cyrus Is Recording New Music and Joking About Her Single Status on Social Media

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    • She didn't say explicitly, but there's probably something in there about her whirlwind relationships of the past few months, and now-exes Liam Hemsworth and Kaitlynn Carter. In fact, she's also been joking about her single relationship status on Instagram.

        Miley Cyrus, newly single as of a few weeks after a sudden split from husband Liam Hemsworth and a short, epic relationship with now-ex Kaitlynn Carter, is letting us know exactly how she's doing with a selfie of her back in the studio. She put the same picture on her Instagram Stories and on Twitter, saying, "Back in the yo! I am so f*cking inspired right now." On her Stories, she added, "Thank YOU NEW MOON." So: She's doing so great, and her life's providing major inspo. No idea how her exes feel about all of this.

        In case you missed it, Cyrus already released the first of three EPs that will collectively make up her seventh album—it's not totally clear whether she's recording new music, or re-recording existing music she was planning on releasing before stuff got real, but either way it is going to be epic and I cannot wait.

        Just a few hours earlier Cyrus gave a knowing wink at her own relationship status with a Halloween-themed post in which she cozied up next to Frankenstein and a bunch of other scary monsters (I'm assuming as part of an event?). "Met a couple new potential partners. Felt like I was on The Bachelorette. 💀" I enjoy how much she's enjoying herself, TBH.

        Here's the music post:

        Miley CyrusInstagram

        And here's the Instagram post in which she explores her "potential partners" (lol):

        She is so energetic right now.

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