Kylie Jenner's Daughter Stormi Is Adorably Trying on Makeup Already

Makeup mogul and mom Kylie Jenner shared a video of daughter Stormi trying on Kylie Cosmetics lipstick. "Happy!" she squeals, as her mom laughs.

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Is she a makeup mogul in the making? Kylie Jenner shared an oh-so-cute pic of daughter Stormi putting on some of her lipstick in a mirror. She grins at herself, then squeals, "Happy!" And in that moment, my heart exploded. Also: That's exactly how I put on makeup, Stormi! How did you know??

In the video, Kylie giggles back at her, then says, "You got it in your teeth, baby!" Stormi responds by smiling at the mirror and not caring one bit, which is magnificent confidence that I love.

Kylie's been posting a lot of Stormi lately, including calling her her travel buddy and showing us all how Stormi's a better snowboarder than all of us combined. And now Stormi's getting in on the makeup kit action. Next up, she's about to become the youngest Kylie Cosmetics model of all time?

This also kind of reminds me of Kylie's sister Kendall, who recently put lipstick all over her teeth and dressed up in crazy makeup in a video pretending to be Kylie in a preview for the next Keeping Up With the Kardashians (Kylie was totally in on the joke, FYI). So Stormi's taking after her auntie, too—in the most unexpected way ever.

Here's the video:

And some screenshot close-ups, for maximum cuteness:

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(Image credit: Kylie Jenner)

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(Image credit: Kylie Jenner)


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