Blake Lively Shows Off Her Inner 'Harry Potter' Nerd on Her Instagram Story

Blake Lively took the popular "Which Harry Potter Character Are You?" quiz on Instagram and posted her results to her Instagram Story.

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  • In a series of posts on her Instagram Story on Friday night, Blake Lively showed off her love for the Harry Potter franchise.
  • The actress tested out the popular "Which Harry Potter Character Are You?" filter that's been blowing up everyone's Instagram Stories lately and shared her results with her followers.
  • In her first post, Blake revealed that the app predicted that her Harry Potter alter ego for 2020 would be none other than Dobby the House Elf. Blake didn't seem thrilled with the results and revealed in her next IG Story post that she had personally been hoping to get The Boy Who Lived himself, Harry Potter. 

Blake Lively is a multi-faceted woman. She is an actress. She's a mother. She's an expert internet troll (specifically when it comes to her husband, Ryan Reynolds). She's a fashion icon.

Blake Lively is also, it turns out, a bona fide Harry Potter nerd. The actress took to her Instagram Story on Friday night to share her Potterhead pride—and to test out the "Which Harry Potter Character Are You?" filter that's surely been blowing up your Stories lately.

Like so many of your friends and followers, Blake took the quiz and shared her results with the world. And, (probably) like many of your friends and followers, she wasn't thrilled with the results: Dobby the House Elf.

Okay, so maybe "not thrilled" is a bit of an understatement. In response to the prediction that she would channel Dobby in 2020, Blake made this face:

Forehead, Headgear, Hat, Cap,

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In a followup post on her Instagram Story, the actress revealed that she was hoping for a very different result indeed.

"And I fully knew I was gonna be Harry," Blake wrote, along with a cute Sorting Hat emoji.

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You're a Harry at heart to us, Blake. Wands up.

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