Katie Holmes Attends an Awards Dinner Supporting Australian Bushfires in a Stunning, Off-the-Shoulder Dress

Last night in NYC, Katie Holmes stepped out for the Arts Awards Dinner hosted by the American Australian Association.

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  • Last night in NYC, Katie Holmes stepped out for the Arts Awards Dinner hosted by the American Australian Association.
  • She was wearing a gorgeous, white, off-the-shoulder dress with a black coat and accessories.
  • Just a couple days ago, she stepped out in a black off-the-shoulder look that was just unbelievably sexy.

Last night, Katie Holmes stepped out in a gorgeous white ruched dress that is so stunning and envy-inducing that you have to see it. Holmes was attending the American Australian Association Arts Awards Dinner in Chelsea, New York, which supported a very worthy cause: Australian bushfire relief. Holmes is quietly passionate about causes she supports, including sustainable fashion brands like Rothy's, so not only does she look amazing here, but she's bringing attention to an important organization.

Styled by New York-based stylist Allison Bornstein, Holmes' dress is from Khaite, a brand she loves, and her coat is from Wardrobe.NYC, another of Holmes' favorites. Holmes wore the look off the shoulder with her black strappy bra just peeking out from underneath (it's that touch of sexiness that makes the look fun and edgy instead of stuffy), with black tights (Update: They're Calzedonia!) underneath her open-toed strappy heels. She piled her hair on top of her head in a loose bun, which somehow manages to make the look more casual instead of messy.

Oh, and she also wore a fabulous oversize black jacket entering and exiting the event, which matched perfectly, looked incredibly warm, and complemented the look instead of fighting with it. (You know, when you throw something over top your fabulous look and all of a sudden it looks ridiculous? Just me then? Cool.)

Here's the look from all angles:

Katie Holmes

(Image credit: Getty Images / Jackson Lee)

Katie Homes

(Image credit: Getty Images / Raymond Hall)

Katie Holmes

(Image credit: Getty Images / Jackson Lee)

Katie Holmes

(Image credit: Katie Holmes Instagram)

And here's the coat:

Holmes' Khaite dress doesn't seem to be available, but Vera Wang's going-out collection has a similar style, a ruched off-the-shoulder mini dress (which is also on sale right now, I should add):

Holmes also thanked Jason Weinberg at Untitled Entertainment, whom she is managed by. On that same post she thanked her stylist, Allison Bornstein, for providing her with the dress.

Earlier in the day (it's not totally clear if this was for the same event—DJ Quintero, hairstylist, called it a "cover shoot") Holmes goofed off with her styling team. She's clearly amazing to work with, and I find her a delight.

So cute!

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