Meghan Markle's Monogrammed Stationery Is Still Available in Select Styles

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Alexa Pulitzer
    • The stationery for a note she wrote in 2012 is still available via the Alexa Pulitzer website in select letters.

        Meghan Markle loves a good handwritten note and putting her calligraphy skills to good use. Before she became a royal and got her own official monogrammed stationery, she utilized a pretty "M" stationery in a handwritten note in 2012. Well, I have great news for you—we know who the designer is (Alexa Pulitzer!), and the style is still shoppable.

        Animal Monogram Notes
        Alexa Pulitzer

        The "M" on Meghan's stationery (which was originally a line designed for Anthropologie) features a peacock, chimpanzee, pheasant, and bird dog to form the letter. Sadly, the line is no longer being manufactured, but there are still a few letters left on the website—so if there's a letter available that has significance for you, go now. It's for sure going to sell out quickly. There are also some styles on eBay, but I'm not seeing the "M" stationery right now (sniff).

        Alexa Pulitzer also happens to have royal monogram notes and monogram notepads, so, you know, you can also replicate her fabulous style and put your own spin on it, should you so choose. And her work is, generally, stunning, and I just spent a full half hour on her website ogling the pretty, pretty paper.

        On The Tig, Meghan's former blog, she noted that "what trumps all is my love of writing (and receiving) a handwritten note." Honestly, good for her—I do not enjoy writing handwritten notes in my terrible, terrible cursive, and her handwriting is so gorge. I have major penmanship envy. Here's the letter she sent to Leanne Deutch:

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        Leanne Deutch

        Alexa Pulitzer is a well-known New Orleans-based artist who has done custom stationery for celebs and public figures like Robert Downey Jr., Faith Hill, Hillary Clinton, Gwen Stefani, and Dita Von Teese. She's done proprietary collections for Bergdorf Goodman, Tory Burch, Pottery Barn, Calypso, and Anthropologie and her products are sold in luxury retail stores around the world.

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