Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Shared a Romantic Moment on the Jonas Brothers Tour

"Happiness begins with you, bub," Turner wrote.

The Jonas Brothers might be in the midst of their "Happiness Begins" world tour, but that doesn't mean the Jonas Sisters have been left behind. In fact, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas shared a sweet backstage moment in London recently, each posting a photo of the occasion to Instagram. You two! How do you stay so eternally cute?

The black and white photo looks like it was taken before the Jonas Brothers show at London's o2 Arena, based on Jonas' Instagram location tag, with cast and crew members gathered in a circle to prepare (or so I'm assuming). Jonas and Turner crouch inside the circle; Turner rests her head on her husband's shoulder, while he plants a kiss on her forehead. You'll notice, unrelatedly, that someone in the background is wearing some powerful leopard print trousers, and if they stumble across this article, I'd be interested in knowing where they're from. Thank you in advance.

Jonas captioned the photo with a simple heart eyes emoji, while Turner kept it topical: "Happiness begins with you, bub," she wrote.

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For those who can't help but think of Sansa Stark at the mention of Turner's name, I bring sad news: There's a very, very, very slim chance she'll ever appear in a Game of Thrones spinoff. Speaking to Variety at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last month, Turner said, "I would give anything to go back to what we had, but it wouldn’t be the same. It would be different, different people running it."

"I don’t want to be a part of it," she said, joking, "Unless they give me the big bucks I’m not doing it!" It's time to stop denying and start accepting, friends: the Queen of the North is never coming back.

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