Blake Lively's Picky About Movie Roles Because She's So "Obsessed" With Her Kids

Michael Kors - Arrivals - February 2020 - New York Fashion Week
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    • She's so "obsessed" with her kids that it makes her pickier about the roles she chooses. "It's gotta really be worth it to take me away."
      • In her life and work, Lively shares her support of her family in both overt and subtle ways (including through her nail polish).

        Talking to E! News at the Michael Kors NYFW show yesterday, actor Blake Lively dished about her changing priorities since she just became a mom for the third time (we still don't know the name of her youngest daughter yet, but we definitely know that she and husband Ryan Reynolds are fully in love thanks to a sweet photo they shared).

        Zanna Roberts Rassi asked Lively about potentially being more selective about movie roles now that she has a family. "I guess I really have to really, really, really, really love it, because I'm just obsessed with my kids," Lively said. "So, yeah, I think it's gotta really be worth it to take me away."

        She and Michael Kors also talked about their shared love for each other. "What I love about her also, she enjoys playing with clothes and fashion, she does it herself," Kors said of Lively. "And she knows what works for her." Also, apparently the best place to find either Lively or Kors is at Pearl Oyster Bar in New York (they keep running into each other, and it's an amazing place to eat). Thanks for the tip, Blake!

        The full video's below:

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        It's not a ton of info, but it's just enough for me to love her (and her cute family) all over again.

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