Royal Fans Insist Prince Louis Looks Just Like Kate Middleton's Dad Michael

Prince Louis, the littlest Cambridge, looks just like Kate's dad Michael Middleton — Louis' grandfather — in portraits released for his second birthday.

prince louis and michael middleton, his grandfather
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  • To commemorate the fabulous second birthday of Prince Louis, the Palace released photos of the little Cambridge kid.
  • Fans speculated who Louis is taking most after—many said he looks just like his grandfather, Kate Middleton's dad Michael. I totally see it. 
  • This is probably how Louis will spend his special day.

It is officially Prince Louis' birthday today (Happy birthday kiddo! You're getting so big!!) and I'm still fawning over his finger-painting pictures, officially released yesterday. The fact that we got bloopers this morning (Louis has paint smeared alllll over his face and it's great) just really seals the deal for me. Royal fans have been wondering who exactly Louis looks most like: Some say he's a mix between siblings Charlotte and George. Some say he's George with a smile and darker hair, lol. Some say he's more like his mom Kate Middleton than his dad Prince William. But the most surprising take so far has been that he's the absolute spitting image of Kate's dad, Michael Middleton.

Some royal fans immediately saw the resemblance as soon as the official photos came out. Let's take a look. I think it might be the similar haircut—they just have parts on the opposite side of the head—the nose, and the teeth? Now that I'm looking at them side by side, I can totally see it. We know he doesn't look much like his other granddad Prince Charles, which I'm sure Charles doesn't mind, so of the two, I can definitely trace the resemblance back to Kate's family. 

Here's Michael (along with Kate's mom Carole):

london, england july 06 michael middleton and carole middleton attend day four of the wimbledon tennis championships at the all england lawn tennis and croquet club on july 6, 2017 in london, united kingdom photo by karwai tangwireimage

(Image credit: Karwai Tang)

And here's our latest look at the little prince:

And then, just because I know you'll love it, the aftermath (I KNEW that would happen!):

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What do you think?

I totally see it.

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