Tristan Thompson Weighs in On Khloé Kardashian's Controversial New Look

  • In an ew Instagram post this weekend, Khloé Kardashian showed off her new, darker hairstyle.
    • Fans noticed something else that looked different though; some went so far as to accuse the reality star of getting a "new face" in the comment section of the gallery post and on Twitter, where Khloé trended after sharing the pictures of her new look.
      • Several of those closest to Khloé commented with nothing but love for the new look though, including her ex, Tristan Thompson, who called her a "baddie" in his comment.

        This weekend, Khloé Kardashian debuted a new look that turned out to be a teeny bit (okay, maybe more than a teeny bit) controversial.

        In an Instagram gallery post captioned, "location: under bitches skiiiinnnnn 💋," Khloé showed off her new, darker locks. She's not quite back to brunette, but she's definitely embracing a darker side of her look than we've seen in a while and the balayage work is next-level.

        But, if you look at this picture of the reality star and notice some differences that aren't totally hair-related, then you're not alone. Many people were captivated by other aspects of Khloé's look in the picture—specifically, her face.

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        Shortly after she shared the new pics, Khloé started trending on Twitter, where people were obsessively commenting on what many fans (/critics) dubbed her "new face."

        But, not everyone was a critic. Several of Khloé's nearest and dearest took to the comments to gush about the new look, including her ex, Tristan Thompson, who wrote, "Baddie ❤️ P.S I’m all for the caption 💥 🔥💪🏾😤."

        tristan comment on khloe new face

        Proof, above all else, that you can always count on Tristan to slide into the comments when the opportunity presents itself.

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