Serena Williams Played Tennis With Her Daughter Olympia in an Adorable Instagram Post

This is too cute to handle.

Serena Williams with her daughter Olympia.
(Image credit: Michael Bradley/Getty Images)
  • Serena Williams shared an adorable Instagram post featuring her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr. (known as Olympia)
  • In the post, Williams and Olympia play tennis in matching purple unitards, with Olympia nailing her preparatory stance.
  • Williams and Olympia are consistently the cutest mother-daughter duo on Instagram.

Need one last little boost to make it through Friday? Look no further than an exceptional Instagram post from Serena Williams, in which she and daughter Olympia play tennis in matching purple unitards. Yes, it's overwhelmingly cute! Yes, you might cry a little! This is the level of high-quality Instagram content we've come to expect from the GOAT!

Williams shared three photos from the tennis court, in which Olympia holds her racket like a pro and mirrors her mom's stance. (Yes, I'm thinking what you're thinking: these are future doubles champions in the making.) In a video at the end of the post, the mom and daughter high-five, before Olympia drops her racket as she walks off the court. Sister and aunt Venus Williams was completely overwhelmed by the post, commenting, "I just love her and you too much! If this gets any cuter I will NOT LIVE!" Agreed, Venus!

n May, Serena posted an equally sweet mother-daughter video, in which the pair wear matching pyjamas and Olympia copies her mom's skincare routine. "Morning y’all!" Serena says, as she cleanses her face and Olympia mirrors her technique. "We’re doing our morning routine, and it’s just so fun because this little baby girl pretty much does everything I do." Truly, what did we do to deserve this much adorable content?

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